We are sorry to announce Steel Stock Exchange is indefinitely closed from the first of January 2015.

From 2011 till now, we have been showing our project all around Europe from East to West and from North to South to all the steel distributors and mills.

We still believe that in the next future (months, years...), there will be an internet platform that will give service to this market.

Perhaps we failed in the business model, perhaps the steel distribution market is not yet prepared to trade by Internet… anyway, and we failed as many and many companies that have tried to do similar things in this market. We were aware and we knew that it was a challenging project.

During these years we have meet thousands of people related to this market and our name has been in the mouth of every single steel producer or distributor.

We believe that this notoriety can help to launch this project in a second step to a new investor/partner with new ideas. That is why we close indefinitely, until a new partner comes with a new light and new ideas, breaking perhaps with the concept that SSE was born.

In case you are interested, you can contact us at:

Kind regards,

The Steel Stock Exchange team